Tess Larson is a main character, portrayed by Emily Kinney. Tess is a paralegal and previously worked for the Innocence Project before joining the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU).


As a child, Tess erroneously identified Matthew Tan as the murderer of her aunt, Sarah Rohn.[ep 1] Tess immediately identified Tan in a lineup. Due to being a minor, she did not testify in open court,[ep 6] but Tan was convicted, primarily due to her eyewitness testimony.[ep 1] After the murder, Tess had to take care of her mother, who due to grief "sort of disappeared".[ep 4]

Tess attended law school with the goal of becoming a prosecutor.[ep 7] She was an editor-in-chief for the school's Law Review. She graduated summa cum laude, top of her class.[ep 7][ep 9] Near the time she was suppose to take the bar exam, she heard about Tan's innocence. All she could think about during the exam was Tan, causing her not to answer a single question. Tess gave up on becoming a prosecutor, instead working as a paralegal to defend people.[ep 7]

Tan was exonerated with DNA evidence after spending five years in prison.[ep 6] As a form of contrition, Tess has spent her adult life working to free wrongly convicted individuals. Before coming to the CIU, she worked for the Innocence Project.[ep 1]

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#3 "Dropping Bombs" Appears
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