Sam Spencer is a main character, portrayed by Shawn Ashmore. He is an attorney for the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU).


Sam is an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for New York County. He was suppose to lead CIU, until DA Conner Wallace cut a deal with Harper Morrison, giving the job to Hayes.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

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#1 "Pilot" Appears
#2 "Bridge and Tunnel Vision" Appears
#3 "Dropping Bombs" Appears
#4 "Mother's Little Burden" Appears
#5 "The 1% Solution" Appears
#6 "#StayWoke" Appears
#7 "A Simple Man" Appears
#8 "Bad Deals" Appears
#9 "A Different Kind of Death" Appears
#10 "Not Okay" Appears
#11 "Black Orchid" Appears
#12 "Enemy Combatant" Appears
#13 "Past, Prologue & What's to Come" Appears



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