Hayes Morrison is the main character, portrayed by Hayley Atwell. She is the leader of the Conviction Integrity Unit.


Hayes' father, Ted Morrison, was the President of the United States and she is often called the former first daughter. She was forced to grow up in the public eyes, often followed by paparazzi. She was known as the wild child and constantly made the headlines for her behavior, such as dating celebrities and taking drugs.

Hayes attended Harvard Law School and was first in her class. She worked as a defense attorney, winning 95% of her cases.[ep 1] At one point she worked in Chicago[ep 3] and dated Naomi Golden.[ep 5] She later dumped Naomi to date Conner Wallace.[ep 6] Wallace and Hayes faced off against each other, ending up with an even record (if counting a mistrial as Wallace's victory).[ep 1] Hayes ended the relationship and left Chicago after she was fired. According to Wallace, she got herself fired because "things were going well" between them and it "freaked" her out.[ep 3]

She went on to teach law at one of US's top universities. However, she was later put on probation by the university board, after it was discovered that she had slept with several of her students.

Because she is the former first daughter and has received a lot of media attention, most people know who she is. She is also forced to attend a lot of political events to support her mother bid for a seat in the Senate.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

In "Pilot", Hayes is being held in jail after cocaine was found in her purse. Conner Wallace, now New York County's District Attorney, visits Hayes and offers her a deal: if she leads the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) for three years, he will make the cocaine possession charges disappear. At first, Hayes refuses, but after Wallace points out this could damage her mother's election bid, she relents.

Hayes finds a first case for the CIU, but when things get difficult, she begs Wallace to fire her. He refuses and she is forced to continue. Later, at her mother's fundraiser, it is revealed that it was her mother that called Wallace to make the deal. Once the CIU manages to solve the first case, Hayes warms up to her job.

In "Bridge and Tunnel Vision", Hayes decides to challenge Wallace by looking into his old cases.

At the end of "Dropping Bombs", Hayes and Wallace share a kiss.

In "Mother's Little Burden", Hayes faces a media storm when the truth is revealed about how she got her job. To do damage control, Wallace arranges a televised interview. Jackson coaches her on what to say, but mid-interview, Hayes decides to say what she truly thinks. Her interview results in #HayesKeepsItReal trending on Twitter and the Department of Justice launching an investigation on Wallace. Hayes' family is upset with the interview, and Jackson kicks Hayes out of their apartment.


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  • Harper Morrison: Harper is Hayes' mother. The two have a strained relationship.
  • Jackson Morrison: Jackson is Hayes' brother and best friend.
  • Conner Wallace: Hayes was previously in a romantic relationship with Wallace. He is now her boss after coercing her to lead the CIU. Hayes is wary of Wallace due to their past, as well as, his political agenda of becoming Mayor of New York City.


  • Hayes is known for being promiscuous.
    • She dated a famous actor named Aaron Smith.
    • She was put on probation by the university board after sleeping with multiple students.
    • Paparazzi photographed her on a nude beach.
    • She slept with a waiter from one of her mother's fundraisers.
  • She shared an apartment with her brother, Jackson
  • She took a diplomats son to prom.
  • As a child, she was photographed painting her toenails in the Oval Office
  • She got kicked out of boarding school for drinking.
  • She can also speak Spanish.[ep 1]
  • She is passionately anti-death penalty.[ep 9]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The character was originally named "Carter Morrison".
    • Hayley Atwell, who plays Hayes, previously played another 'Carter', Margaret 'Peggy' Carter in Agent Carter, which was also on ABC and was cancelled the day Conviction was commissioned.


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