"Enemy Combatant" is the twelfth episode of Conviction. It was written by Eduardo Javier Canto and Ryan Maldonado. It was directed by Paul Edwards. It aired on January 15, 2017.

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Former President Morrison pays Hayes an unexpected visit and lobbies her (and CIU) to take on the case of Omar Abbas, a Muslim-American citizen held for years without trial in a military facility for allegedly planning a chemical attack on Manhattan. But taking on the federal war on terror is a hot-button issue, and Hayes and the CIU find themselves battling the authorities in their search for the truth. Meanwhile, just as Hayes and Wallace become more comfortable with their relationship, her father raises questions about the couple's long-term viability.[1][2]


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Former President Morrison visits Hayes at home and persuades her and the CIU to take on the case of Omar Abbas, a Muslim-American citizen held for six years without trial in a military facility for possessing liquid sarin. Omar states he didn't know what was in the duffel bag; it had been left in the trunk of his taxi. Although obstructed by the feds because Omar is considered an enemy combatant, the team discovers that an informant was Omar's cousin who, after being tortured, told the feds what they wanted to hear. They also track down the owner of the duffel bag, Paul Sedgewick, who was planning to use the sarin on bank employees he blamed for his father's death. He backed out of the chemical attack, but instead of taking the bag away he left it in the taxi and reported it on the tip line. Omar is released. Hayes' father tells both Wallace and Hayes that their relationship won't work.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Martin Donovan as Theodore "Ted" Morrison
  • Armin Amiri as Tariq Abbas
  • Karen Oberoi as Omar Abbas
  • Clark Jackson as Agent Cole Sexton


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