Conner Wallace is a main character, portrayed by Eddie Cahill. He is New York County's District Attorney.


Wallace is the District Attorney for New York County. He previously had a relationship with Hayes Morrison.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

After Hayes is arrested for cocaine possession, he gets her to agree to a deal – she will lead the newly setup Conviction Integrity Unit and he will make the possession charge disappear.


#1 "Pilot" Appears
#2 "Bridge and Tunnel Vision" Appears
#3 "Dropping Bombs" Appears
#4 "Mother's Little Burden" Appears
#5 "The 1% Solution" Appears
#6 "#StayWoke" Appears
#7 "A Simple Man" Appears
#8 "Bad Deals" Appears
#9 "A Different Kind of Death" Appears
#10 "Not Okay" Appears
#11 "Black Orchid" Appears
#12 "Enemy Combatant" Appears
#13 "Past, Prologue & What's to Come" Appears


  • Character was originally named "Wayne Wallis" before being renamed to "Conner Wallace".
  • He is close friends with Morrison family having previously dated Hayes. He attends Harper Morrison's fundraisers.


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