"A Simple Man" is the seventh episode of Conviction. It was written by Simran Baidwan and directed by Brad Turner. It aired on November 21, 2016.

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The next case Hayes accepts for the CIU is that of Leo Scarlata, a man with diminished mental capacities, imprisoned for burning down his family's restaurant with fatal repercussions. Hayes realizes she may have taken on more than she bargained for, especially when a documentary crew approved by Wallace begins following the team. Hayes faces her discomfort with cameras, a side effect of growing up in the public eye, and the team members divulge intimate details about themselves and others while under the spotlight.[1]


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The CIU team investigates the case of a man with a low IQ, Leo Scarlata, who was convicted of setting a fire in his family's restaurant. The fire killed one man and injured another. Wallace approves a documentary film crew who have been working on Scarlata's case, to follow the team around. The investigation finds that the fire didn't start the way previously believed and that, although Leo was responsible, he just "followed the rules". Those "rules" had been deliberately altered to cause the fire for the insurance payout. Leo is released.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Christian Campbell as Paul Slatkin
  • Jason Cerbone as Anthony Scarlata
  • Carlo Rota as Vince Scarlata
  • Jason Furlani as Leo Scarlata
  • Kecia Lewis as Judge Melissa Hinds


  • Jeffrey Knight as Glen Powell
  • Scott Gibson as Karl Wimer
  • Nola Martin as Rita Scarlata


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  • Settle - Vera Blue


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